P200-10V | Super Lamp Power Supply for use exclusively with P800S-10V Series Lamps

by Photron

The Photron Super lamp power supply provides a means to add high performance Superlamps to many types of spectrometers which only provide for standard hollow cathode lamps. It uses existing spectrometer current to provide a primary hollow cathode current. The power supply provides a precision secondary boost discharge to increase excitation of atoms sputtered by the instrument lamp supply. The boost discharge when increased from zero will reach a peak light intensity at an optimum current and then drop away at higher currents. This results in a specific peak current for a given lamp under the chosen operating conditions and instrument type.

Current is adjusted by a ten turn current control on the front panel. The current is constantly displayed on the front panel milliameter. The power supply can operate any Photron 10V filament Superlamp.

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