Optifix® Solvent Bottle Top Dispenser - 100-500 mL - 101-081-58 | Optifix

by Optifix

The Optifix® Solvent Dispensers are designed for dispensing organic solvents and materials that swell PTFE. The piston is glass and is autoclavable up to 121°C.


  • Capacity - 100 - 500 mL
  • Graduation - 5.0 mL
  • Supplied with 2 PP adapters (38 mm and 40 mm)
  • 1 PTFE Intake Tube
  • 1 Discharge Tube with cap
  • Calibration Certificate

Features of the Optifix® Solvent Dispensers: 

  • Dispensing piston made of glass
  • Visible dispensing process by the use of a dispensing cylinder made of glass, coated with plastic-protection against breakage
  • Ergonomic finger protection cap is Red for Solvent Dispensers
  • Fast and easy volume setting with additional fine adjustment
  • Valve block made of PTFE, no metal springs in the valve - no corrosion

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