P701 | Deuterium Lamp for GBC Scientific

by Photron


GBC Scientific


Filament, Heater Voltage Start 10 VDC
Operating 5 - 7 VDC
Filament, Heater Current 1.5A Max
Discharge, Arc Voltage Strike @25_C >350 VDC
Operating 60 - 90 VDC
Discharge, Arc Current 10 -300mA
Leads Black Filament & Cathode
Red Anode
Terminals 3 Pin Housing


Window material UV Transmitting Borosilicate
Source aperture Ø 1mm Diameter
Wavelength range 185nm - 400nm
Noise <1 x 10-4 Absorption units
Drift < 3 x 10-3 Absorption units

Operational Life

When radiant energy reaches 50% of the initial energy at 300mA(dc).


  1. Do not subject the lamp to mechanical shock.
  2. Before using the lamp, ensure glass envelope is clean and free from dirt. Envelope may be gently wiped with either alcohol or acetone.
    Caution: the circumference of the glass envelope around the light box is very thin and should be handled with extreme care.
  3. Care must be taken not to touch lamp body with bare hand, as it's temperature reaches over 200_C during operation.
  4. UV radiation is harmful to eyes. Suitable eye protection must be worn when observing light output.
  5. Since this lamp operates at high voltages, extreme caution is require to prevent electrical shock.

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